Bloating, Belching, & Gas, Oh My!


Haven’t we all experienced some unwanted gas? I know I have. As a new mom it seems I haven’t really allowed myself to breathe, I mean really breathe. It’s like I am on the run all the time. Whether I’m taking care of baby Emma or rushing around the house getting things done that must get done, I’m always running. It’s easy to forget to relax and breathe throughout the day.

Lately, I’ve noticed that I can’t take deep breath as easily until I stop and focus on my breathing. I’m too anxious and on the run that I haven’t let myself just relax. That’s not all. I also have been experiencing some annoying and painful gas. Yes, I said it, GAS! I have finally allowed myself to focus and figure out why I am having this uncomfortable gas. And here’s what I have found:

There are two main types of gas: Upper and lower digestive gas.

Upper digestive gas you experience more belching and is mainly caused by swallowing air while eating or drinking. Anxiety can also cause this type of gas; by holding your breath and not breathing.

The second type of is lower digestive is caused by Improper digestion of certain foods. This can be caused due to food allergies or other sensitivities to foods. Sometimes we eat a gassy food like beans and we pass gas. This is very common.

Well, it seems that I have upper gas, which makes total sense. I am swallowing air by not taking the time to breathe. So, here’s how I plan to address this problem:

  1. Just Breathe! I am taking more breaths throughout the day. Cleansing breaths each morning and evening. I’m also doing a breathing yoga every afternoon to get in the habit of truly breathing. Getting into a healthy habit of breathing is so important for your digestive health.
  2. Eating Slowing! I’m going to eat much slower. In fact, I’m going to take breaths before every bite so I don’t lose my breath by the end of the meal. As a new mom I seem to scarf down my food SO fast that when I’m finished I have to catch my breath before moving on. This is not healthy! I will also eat smaller portions, or take a short break before finishing my meal.
  3. Ginger! Ginger is a great digestive aid that will help an upset tummy. I will drink ginger in a tea form or add it to my juice everyday.
  4. Probiotics! I will continue to take probiotics every day which will promote a healthy overall digestive system.

Gas is no fun and I can attest to feeling frustrated about it. I am hoping with using these 4 methods I will be able to treat my own gas and feel lighter and more relaxed! Stay tuned! :O)


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