Let’s Deconstruct MY Cravings!


Have you ever wondered why you are craving certain foods? I know I do! Did you know there is usually a reason for that chocolate craving? There are ways to figure out why you are craving a piece of chocolate, salty popcorn or in my case warm French bread. Many times it is your body’s way of telling you that you are deficient in some nutrient or food group. In this blog I will talk about my craving and what may be the reason behind it. As you know many people have sugar cravings but I tend to crave French bread, especially in the winter months. I mean who doesn’t like a piece of warm bread with their soup? Unfortunately, I have a gluten sensitivity and I start to feel crampy and icky if I eat too much of it. Wait till you hear about what I would do for my addictive craving of bread!

I love French bread SO much that I would rush to the grocery store and buy a nice loaf of sourdough bread and bring it home. I would eat maybe just one or two slices then put it away for a later meal. This is just a snack and I don’t want to spoil my appetite. Anyways, just a few minutes later I would go back and say just one more piece. This cycle would continue until the entire loaf is gone!

Bread-Is this your craving? Well, it is my weakness. Many times people crave high carb foods such as sour dough bread due to not enough protein in their diet. Other times it can be a vitamin B deficiency, which is very common in our culture. Low levels of Vitamin B can cause depression and anxiety in people.

This makes total sense to me because I would eat more a vegetarian based diet and limit my intake of meat and other protein. When I got pregnant I needed more protein so I made sure I had some form of protein for every meal and snack. Maybe eggs for breakfast, yogurt for a snack, and chicken for dinner. I do not remember having a craving for bread while I was pregnant. Now, I make sure I am eating a more balanced diet.

Next time you get a craving think about what your body may be telling you. Maybe you need to add some other foods into your diet that you are missing. If you want to talk to me about your cravings feel free to contact me for a FREE health history.


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