Natural Foods to Reduce Pain

I have suffered with chronic pain for about 5 years now due to a serious car accident. For many years I have had to take pain killers to reduce my every day pain. After several years I started searching for natural ways to reduce my pain. In this article I will talk about several foods that you can take to reduce your pain today. On a daily basis I take turmeric to reduce my shoulder pain.

Pain can be a nuisance in our daily lives. From a chronic injury to a painful disease pain is a difficult part of life. Treatments are a great therapy to address serious pain, but are there natural approaches to reducing pain? How does food play a role in pain? Let’s see what’s inside our kitchen that could treat pain.


1. Turmeric– Is a great spice found with other spices like basil and pepper. Turmeric has a protein known as NF-kB that is known to reduce inflammation and reduce the deteration of bones and joints. Sprinkle some on your favorite dish or purchase Turmeric supplements to aid in reducing inflammation.


2. Fatty Fish– Omega-3 fatty acids are great for our overall immune system but did you know that eating salmon for dinner could not only reduce inflammation but also help reduce neck pain. You can eat more fatty fish like salmon or take a good Omega-3 supplement to fight chronic pain.


3. Ginger– Ginger is a great herb found at your local grocery store. Ginger has been linked to reducing prostaglandin levels in the body, which cause pain. Countries all around the world use ginger as a natural remedy to reduce pain. You can add ginger to your favorite smoothie or try drinking ginger tea.


4. Broccoli– This well known vegetable has many nutrients that can fight against cancer. Broccoli can also help reduce inflammation, muscular pain, sciatica, headaches, and arthritis. This power vegetable is easy to make by simply steaming it or adding it to a tasty soup.


5. Cherries– This powerhouse fruit may only come in season once a year but it is packed with tons of antioxidants. These antioxidants called anthocyanins help reduce chronic pain in the body. This fruit specifically helps with joint pain. So next time you want a snack, choose cherries!

If you would like to learn more natural ways to reduce pain go to for free health consultation.


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