Gluten, My Food Sensitivity!


Growing up I struggled with food sensitivities but I never knew what food was making me sick. My symptoms were mostly digestive but I suffered with sinus issues as well. As a health coach I have learned that my digestive issues in part where due to a gluten intolerance.

There can be several symptoms to gluten intolerance. Here are a few of the ones I experienced:

Digestive Issues: Through my whole life I experienced gas, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation. The biggest thing I noticed with my gluten sensitivity was constipation and major gas and bloating. For many people they experience diarrhea. After taking gluten out of my diet these symptoms reduced drastically.

Fatigue: Being extremely tired can be from a variety of issues but with gluten sensitivity fatigue and even brain fog or confusion is common. I’ve heard many people comment on having the “brain fog” before realizing gluten was an issue. For me I would feel especially tired after eating gluten.

Headaches: I’ve suffered with headaches most of my life. Many times these symptoms are related to what you are eating. In part, my headaches were related to my gluten sensitivity. Other sufferers say their migraine headaches were correlated to gluten. Headaches can also be from other food allergies such as soy or sugar.

Rash: I had a rash on my forearm. This one took me a while to determine cause a rash could be from many different things. After many months of testing out the causes of this symptom I noticed it would only appear after eating gluten. With this rash it would only appear if I ate gluten for several days. If I had one meal with gluten then it would not appear.

Inflammation: It is common to have inflammation in your joints, hips, and other areas of your body. For me, most of my inflammation was due to a serious car accident but I noticed more pain when I consumed more gluten in my diet.

Mood Changes: I had anxiety and mood swings while eating gluten. This is a very common with a gluten intolerance. I noticed less anxiety after looking at my diet.

When you have any type of food sensitivity you may experience one or several of these symptoms. Some other symptoms that are related to a gluten intolerance may be: hormone imbalances or dizziness.

If you suspect food being a trigger for you but can’t find out what is causing it, work with me to find your food triggers. Visit


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