Top 5 Foods to Avoid

We all would like to loose a few unwanted pounds this month. With the fad diets out there we think we know what will help us lose weight but then we gain it all back again. Why do those pounds come back?

In our culture we are faced with the ease of fast food in our busy on-the-go lifestyle. Why not, it’s easier, right? It can be difficult to know what foods are healthy and which foods you should be avoiding. Here are my top 5 foods that you should avoid and why.

Processed Foods

1. Processed Foods

Many years ago there were no processed foods. Everyone ate whole natural foods that they grew in their garden, made in their kitchen, or hunted. Today, most foods are processed and packaged. Families don’t sit down and enjoy home-cooked meals anymore but they give in to the convenient fast food diner. The main problem with these processed foods is that they are chemically processed and are made using refined ingredients and artificial flavors.

Processed foods are typically high and sugar leading to obesity and diabetes. These types of foods are usually loaded with artificial ingredients that you can’t even pronounce. Junk food causes a chemical reaction in the brain called dopamine, which causes a food addiction.  These types of foods are typically high in refined carbohydrates, which spike your blood sugar and can lead to several types of chronic disease.  Lastly, processed foods have no nutrients in them, which makes them unhealthy. The bottom line is to avoid processed foods as much as possible. Instead eat whole natural foods


2. Soy Products

Many people are lead to believe that soy products are a healthy alternative. This is not true. Most soybeans grown in the United States are genetically modified (GMO). GMO soybeans mean they are able to withstand very harmful amounts of herbicide. One of the active ingredients in this herbicide is called, glyphosate, which is responsible for disrupting female hormones. This can lead to problems with fertility, menstrual cycle, and many other issues. The only soy products that are safe are organic which does not contain harmful pesticides. If you do consume soy make sure it is organic to avoid the harmful chemicals.


3. Artificial Sweeteners

Processed sugars like aspartame is probably one of the most harmful foods you can eat. And it’s in everything, from soda to your favorite crackers. These sugars have the ability to lower your immune system, cause hyperactivity in children and adults, cause obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Sugar can also change your cholesterol levels by increasing the triglycerides. This can lead to cardiovascular issues if not addressed. So, next time look at the ingredients of what you are eating.

Vegetable oil

4. Vegetable Oils

Our culture has been made to believe that butter is bad and vegetable oils are good. However, this is not true. Vegetable oils are highly processed which changes the natural compound of the product. When choosing oil you must use one that can withstand the chemical changes of cooking. One way this harmful oil harms your body is by changing your good cholesterol into bad cholesterol by oxidizing it. By cooking with canola, corn, and/or soy oils you are oxidizing the oil. This oxidation leads to rancid oil, which is a trans fat, the worst type of fat that leads to cardiovascular disease and cancers. Next time skip the vegetable oils and choose butter or coconut oil.

5. Gluten

I know this seems a little strange but if you think about it the types of breads we eat today are nothing like grandma made in the kitchen. Today the ingredients in bread are processed, chemical-laden, and a serious tummy ache later. Many people today are gluten intolerant but aside from that the added chemicals in bread-like foods are unhealthy and harmful to our health. Several studies have been found that gluten causes gastrointestinal issues like bloating, gas, constipation, and diarrhea. Its no wonder people are having these symptoms after consuming these types of products, it’s loaded with chemicals instead of good whole natural ingredients. My advice is to stay clear of most gluten containing foods.

It’s important to watch what you are putting inside your body. Go for whole natural ingredients instead of processed, chemical added, sugary foods. I promise you will thank me later.

If you want to know more about which foods to avoid contact me at Health With Erin.


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