Top 10 Essential Oils I Use and Why

Top 10 Essential Oils and Why


I love essential oils. They have so many great benefits for our overall health, keeping a clean home, and staying calm and relaxed. You will find many more benefits and oils that you can use in your home to stay healthy but here are a few of my favorite oils that I use in my home, on my body, and on my children.

Top 10 Essential Oils:

1. Thieves-Kills airborne bacteria, antiviral, antiseptic, keeps germs away, flu & cold preventative

I LOVE thieves oil. I probably use it EVERYDAY. It kills airborne bacteria so I spray it in any environment from my household to the plane (where I’m sitting). I also put it on the bottom of my and my children’s feet for extra protection. It will combat any illness and/or prevent you from getting sick.

2. Lavender-Antiviral, antibacterial, calming, soothes burns, boosts immunity, loosens congestion

What is lavender NOT good for? I use it for relaxing by diffusing it or putting a drop on my pillow to sleep. I have also cooked with it. Try my relaxing Green Lavender Tea. I’ve also heard it’s great for cuts and burns. I put it on my baby’s chest or back for a more relaxing sleep. One of the safest oils to use on babies.

3. Lemon-Memory, anxiety, calming, insomnia, acne, air freshener, detoxes, immune booster

They say if you have warm lemon water every day it will detox your body and keep you healthy. This is very true. Lemon is super versatile oil you can use in cleaning your home to keeping your home clean and fresh. It boosts your immune system and naturally has a calming, energy lifting aroma. This oil is great to have on hand is super safe on children.

4. Peace & Calming-Hyperactivity, ADD, sedative, insomnia, use to calm and relax

I diffuse this every night for a more relaxing sleep environment. It can be diffused in a child’s bedroom to help relax, sleep, and calm a hyperactive child. I have noticed that I sleep more peacefully.

5. Frankincense-Antibacterial, skin health, use for wounds & sinus infections

Oh my, I’ve heard amazing things about this wonderful oil. Well, the 3 wise men gave baby Jesus this oil so it must be good! I’ve heard it’s great for babies too for helping alleviate illness. Many people use it in their skin products. It has been known to help alleviate age spots, wrinkles, skin tags, moles, eczema, warts, bruises, inflammation, and infections. I’ve also heard about this oil as a cancer preventative. This oil is one of the most expensive ones so use wisely.

6. Eucalyptus-Antiviral, expectorant, use in sinus infections & fevers

This is an oil I use every time my baby is sick. Diffuse this oil while baby is sleeping. The natural decongestion in this oil helps loosen mucus and allows baby to breathe. I just inhale this oil to breathe better, diffuse and even put it on my chest as a natural vapor rub (remember use a carrier oil).

7. Peppermint-Anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, ant parasitic, pain relief, fever reducer,

This is another great oil for congestion, will help if you don’t have eucalyptus on hand. Good for headaches, congestion, nausea, fever reducer, relaxing, and tummy aches (rub with carrier oil on tummy to alleviate discomfort). This is safe for children with carrier oil.

8. Chamomile-Anti-inflammatory, sedative, colic, ear infections, use to calm

Chamomile is great for babies and adults with colic, tummy aches, gas, anxiety and skin irritations. Can sooth stomach ulcers, relieve nausea, relive headaches, and treat IBS symptoms. You can actually give your baby chamomile (which I do in tea form even as newborn) or you can get the oil.

9. Tea Tree-Antibacterial, antifungal, use on cuts, scrapes, burns & bug bites

Tea tree oil is another great oil to have on hand. The best part is the anti-fungal properties it contains which can help with skin conditions like lice, removal and prevention of ticks, allergic skin reactions, etc. When I ask my chiropractor for a remedy she tells me, “tea tree oil.” It’s very versatile as well.

10. Valor-Anxiety, depression, calm children, headaches, balance energy, emotional trauma, anger

I really LOVE valor! The smell alone is calming but this oil can help you sleep, reduce anxiety and stress and even calm anxious or angry children. The best thing for both children and adults is putting a drop on the bottom of your feet for a relaxing sleep. Combining this with lavender and you are sure to have a good nights sleep.

If you want to learn more about essential oils you can talk with me HERE.

To learn how to get started with some essential oils visit Young Living Essential Oils. You will need a sponsor in order to get started. My member number is: 1607958.


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