Top 5 Ways to Stay Healthy

When the leaves start changing you know it’s time to fall into gear and boost your immune system. I know in our household we follow a regime to stay healthy through the winter.

Here are my Top 5 Ways to Stay Healthy:

  • UnknownDrink Water– I know you’ve heard it before but drinking plenty of water is not just good for hydration but it can keep you healthy too.  When you drink water you are flushing toxins from your body and reducing your chance of getting sick. Drinking water can also fight against the common cold, flu, or even cancer. So drink up!

– Regular physical activity can keep you from getting sick. The British Journal of Sports Medicine says the common cold and flu can be reduced by 25-50% for people that keep up a moderate exercise routine. Even a brisk walk 3-4 days a week will enhance your immunity.


Unknown-1Supplement Wisely– Taking supplements daily can also keep you from getting sick. Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, can greatly enhance your immunity. My recommendation is to get from an all natural source, such as Fermented Cod Liver Oil and the omegas in this supplement also fights against the flu.

Probiotics are another great way to enhance your immune system According to studies, participants that take probiotics with 50 million cultures of Lactobacillus gasseri, Bifidobacterium longum and B. Bifidum over two cold seasons reduced any colds they got by two days.

Elderberry syrup is another great way to prevent cold and flu during this season. We take it daily in our home or several times a day if we feel a cold coming on. The high antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, vitamin C, and antiviral properties combat sickness. Here is a recipe you can make at home.

sleep topSleep- I can not stress more about how important sleep is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. According to studies, lack of sleep can make you more likely to get sick if exposed to a virus and not enough sleep can prolong an illness. So make sure you are getting plenty of zzz.


Fruit-Vegetables-Healthy-FoodEat Healthy-Eating foods with phytochemicals can boost your immunity. These types of foods are mainly fruits and vegetables that are dark green, red, and yellow. Protein is also good for you due to the high levels of Zinc found in meat like chicken, peanuts and peanut butter. Zinc helps keep a healthy immune system. Citrus fruits are high in vitamin C so squeeze a lemon wedge in your water.

Try out these top 5 tips to stay healthy this cold and flu season!

For more information on staying healthy go to Health With Erin.


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