Stay Healthy This Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year again when people indulge in the traditional thanksgiving foods. You can easily over eat and regret it later. I love food and I’m all for enjoying the yummy foods this holiday season. Let’s make healthy alternatives that are super yummy.

Here are my Top 5 Tips to a Healthy Thanksgiving:

BreakfastDon’t skip breakfast: Many health focused individuals think skipping breakfast is a good idea. This is not true. By skipping breakfast you will turn to starvation mode and eat more for dinner. According to the, National Weight Control Registry, eating a good breakfast is important to weightless and your metabolism. So, don’t skip breakfast but instead have a small protein packed breakfast such as, 1-2 eggs with veggies.

Sweet PotEat better sides: The typical sides for thanksgiving are packed with bad fats, sugar, and tons of calories. Instead of making green bean casserole with MSG ladened mushroom soup make real green beans with all natural butter and slivered almonds. Instead of the classic sugary yams with marshmallow topping bake them in pieces with butter and seasonings. And lastly, instead of the rich pumpkin cheesecake make a simple traditional pumpkin pie. Be wise and choose your sides wisely.

best-ever-vegan-mushroom-gravy-7.tifSwitch your gravy: I have to admit the gravy is my favorite part of thanksgiving. Gravy doesn’t have to be unhealthy this thanksgiving. By using grass fed butter with good fats, bone broth (for the gut healthy benefits), and amazing seasonings you can have a super healthy gut healing gravy for your thanksgiving dinner. Try out my Mushroom Gravy.

MoveKeep Moving: I know you want to sit and watch football or the thanksgiving parade but getting up and moving will help you stay slim and healthy this holiday. You can take a brisk walk, jump on the rebounder (my all time favorite), or chase the kids around the yard. Whatever you choose just stay active.

UnknownEat Early: Many people choose to eat Thanksgiving dinner in the evening which makes it more difficult for your body to metabolize the food before bedtime. If you eat in the early afternoon your body has time to digest and start to burn those calories you just ate. So start eating early!

I hope these tips help you have a healthier thanksgiving this year! Enjoy the yummy healthy sides, mushroom gravy, and delicious pumpkin pie. I know I will. Happy Thanksgiving! :O)


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