Erin’s Top 5 Ways to Gently Detox


I recently discussed how toxic our homes are with the highly chemical cleaning products, air fresheners, and candles. Not to mention the things we have no control over like the chemicals in our floors, furniture, paint, and other home products. It may seem impossible to avoid all these harmful toxins and chemicals, and honestly it is! That’s why it is important that we detox and cleanse our bodies on a regular basis. Now a good food cleanse can be beneficial for many people. However, for women like myself that are breastfeeding food is crucial for your strengthen and energy as will as nutrients for the baby. So, the best thing we can do as busy moms is incorporate healthy detoxing habits into our life to stay healthy. Now the detoxing tips I suggest here are not hardcore but gentle and safe.

  1. Oil Pulling-Oil pulling has been used primarily in Ayurvedic medicine as a great oral detoxification. The oil pulling process basically sucks the toxins out of your mouth into the oil and creates a clean antiseptic oral environment. I’ve been oil pulling for a while now and I’ve noticed fresher breath, whiter teeth, healthier teeth, and just feeling better. The process is simple, you just take a tablespoon of coconut oil and swish it around your mouth for 10-20 minutes. Then you spit it out in the trash can because the toxins are now in that oil. You get a glass of water with himalayan salt and swish that around your mouth to ensure all the toxins have been removed. Spit that in the trash can and repeat a couple times. I like to add thieves essential oil to my coconut oil before putting in my mouth. This increases the benefits!

2. Infrared Sauna– Infrared saunas are a type of sauna that uses heat and light to help relax and detoxify the body. These types of saunas differ from other saunas because the light directly penetrates the skin but doesn’t warm the air around the person. The awesome benefits of the infrared saunas comes down to the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. The infrared lamps are capable of producing changes in our body chemistry which helps restore balance in our bodies. This especially can help people with autoimmune disorders, chronic pain, inflammation, low energy, poor circulation, diabetes, and cardiovascular issues. I recently purchased an infrared sauna and I am loving it! My husband and I get in the sauna at least two times a week. It is super relaxing and afterwards I sleep so much better. The benefits are amazing and it’s a gentle way to detox our bodies.

3. Exercise- This is a major one! After having a baby our hormones are crazy and the best way to balance our hormones is through exercise. After I exercise I feel relaxed, less anxious, and I sleep so much better. I have even noticed a reduction in my headaches when I exercise more regularly. Daily stretching is also important to add to your exercise routine. I like to use a treadmill during the winter months as well as a rebounder. Don’t underestimate the benefits of exercise!

4. Detox Baths-Detox baths are another great way to gently detox from all the chemicals we are exposed to each day. I like to take detox baths a couple times a week. This is so gentle that giving kids and babies this bath is completely safe and recommended by my pediatrician. These baths help flush toxins, reduce stress, improve sleep, relieve sore muscles, helps to heal skin rashes, relieves headaches, helps to treat colds and other illnesses. For a simple detox bath click here.


5. Eliminating Sugar and Refined Carbohydrates- Diet is crucial when you are breastfeeding and trying to keep up energy is vital during the young mommy years. I don’t believe that going on a hardcore cleanse is important during these early years. However, eating a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables is super important to a healthy lifestyle. Young moms need protein, energy, and stamina. Making sure you are eating a well balanced diet is vital. I do believe removing certain foods that are void of nutrients like sugar and refined carbohydrates will help your body gently detox from the chemicals and toxins we are exposed to on a regular basis. Simply removing foods that contain sugar and ditching refined carbohydrates like white bread and boxed crackers, and foods that are not healthy. This simple change will help your body detox and you will feel so much better.

If you incorporate these simple detox methods you will feel lighter, happier, less pain, more energy, and healthier. Here’s to a Healthier 2018!

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