About ErinHello and welcome to my Blog!  My name is Erin and this is a little about me.
Health awareness and good nutrition have captured my attention for some time, partly because of personal health challenges and partly because I enjoy helping others.

Becoming a certified American Sign Language Interpreter at the age of 21 launched me into the world of serving others. I enjoyed going to work every day – meeting new people, exploring new dimensions of the Deaf community. Every day was an adventure.

A few years later, I was in a serious car accident the results of which caused irreparable injury to my right shoulder. My work as an interpreter became more of a challenge. Whenever I worked, my shoulder flared up and I suffered with pain for days. I consulted numerous Doctors and received various treatments with little to no results. This continued for over two years.

Throughout my struggle with pain issues, I searched for information on managing chronic pain with better nutrition. The more I searched the more I discovered a new passion. The discovery was two-fold really. Better health and nutrition has helped me personally and I truly believe that it can help others too. I look forward to applying what I have learned by showing others how to live more healthy and happy.

Food sensitivity is not a new thing for me. When I was a child my mother noticed different symptoms when I ate certain foods. Sometimes the symptoms would be digestive, other times they would present like allergies – stuffy nose, or congestion. I now realize that I have both gluten and dairy sensitivity. At first it was a challenge to discover ways to eat the foods I enjoy, but now after experimentation and with creativity — I found delicious recipes featuring my favorite foods, and they are gluten and dairy free.


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